About Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo was founded in 1922 by naturalist Henry A. Snow. In 1936, Henry's son, Sidney, established the nonprofit organization East Bay Zoological Society, which was originally known as the Alameda County Botanical and Zoological Society. The East Bay Zoological Society has been operating and managing the Zoo as a nonprofit organization for the City of Oakland since 1982.

Our History

Attractions, Animal Care, and Education

Over the past twenty-five years the East Bay Zoological Society has managed capital improvements to improve animal care and the visitor experience. The Zoo is comprised of several regions: Adventure Landing, African Savanna, African Veldt, California Trail, Flamingo Plaza, Tropical Rain Forest, Wayne and Gladys Valley Children's Zoo, and Wild Australia. Animals live in expansive naturalistic habitats and include chimpanzees, sun bears, elephants, siamangs, gibbons, and a growing herd of giraffes. The Zoo is committed to providing an outstanding experience for Zoo visitors, being a leader in animal care, and delivering a rich array of education programs.


Since the East Bay Zoological Society took over management of the Zoo, the Oakland Zoo has gained international acclaim and national awards for its animal management and endangered species programs. In 1991, the Zoo pioneered protected contact which places barriers between the keepers and elephants and incorporates persuasion through rewards rather than discipline. The progress we have made and continue to make to this keystone program has garnered respect and approval from animal behaviorists around the world, and most importantly resulted in happy and healthy elephants.

Public Support

Public support comes from the City of Oakland and East Bay Regional Parks District, which contributed 15% of the Zoo's 2010 operating budget of $11.3 million. Remaining funding comes from the community that supports and enjoys the Zoo including private individuals, foundations, corporations, and memberships. Annual public support allows admission prices to remain low, and therefore keeps this gem of the East Bay accessible to all economic levels of the community.

East Bay Zoological Society

The East Bay Zoological Society renewed a 30-year management agreement with the City of Oakland in 2011 to continue operating Oakland Zoo. Governed by a Board of Trustees, the East Bay Zoological Society is comprised of dedicated volunteers who provide oversight of the organization's mission and policies.

Annual Reports

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Board of Trustees

Secil Watson, Co-Chair

Patrick J. Sherwood, Co-Chair

Jeff Marshall, Vice Chair

Pamela Mintzer, Secretary

Meredith Walsh, Treasurer

Joel J. Parrott, DVM , President and CEO

Board List

Jon Balousek

Kim Burdick

Dennis De Domenico

Jennifer Fall

Elogeanne Grossman

Erik Harris

Joshua Hill

Jessica Huard

Kathryn Lancaster

Jeff Mckinnon

Rahul Merani

Michael O'neill

Justin Steele

Deedee Towery

Lea Bolster Van Ness

Christopher Westover

Jim Wunderman

Foundation Board

Skip Rhodes, President

Joann Harley, Vice President

Foundation Board List

Stacey Barsema

Peter Bernhard

Carla Betts

Kenneth R. Betts

Warren A. "Chip" Brown

Ginny L. Hair

Steven Kane

Jason M. Knight

Jack McAboy

Jon Q. Reynolds

Robin Reynolds

Charles H. Seaman

A. Horton Shapiro

Phillip H. Tagami

Fong Wan

John M. Woolard

George A. Zimmer

Agenda from Previous Meeting:

Board Meeting Agenda–September 13, 2017

Annual Members' Meeting

Open to all Oakland Zoo members, the annual meeting will feature a State of the Zoo presentation by Dr. Joel Parrott, President/CEO, in addition to reports and officer approvals.

January 17, 2018


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IRS Form 990 for Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2016

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